PP Woven Bags

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We offer, PP woven sacks as per customer's specifications; which provides sturdy and economical packaging option for diverse industries across the world. These bags are used for packaging of food grade / other general use; which comprises of; storage of grains, pulses, cattle feeds, seeds, flour, spices, dates and agro products to name a few; with customised 6 colour flexo-graphic printing as per your artwork

Usage: To pack materials for grain, milling and sugar industry; mostly in the food, related requirements.


  • PP Woven Sacks are re-usable, Sewn with high quality multi filament white or coloured yarns as per requirement,
  • Available in coated (laminated) as well as un-coated (un-laminated) form
  • Available with stabilization against UV and Anti-Static master batches,
  • Available with wide variety of design combinations / custom tailor made designs
  • Flexible and high in strength
  • Hygienic - Safe to package food (grain or feed)
  • Design - Flat and rigid surface makes outstanding print quality possible; Double side printing can be offered up to 3 colours both side
  • 100% Environmental-friendly – Recyclable

Technical Specification

Bag Dimensions (Width)
Width Offered – 12" to 36"
Bag Dimensions (Length)
As per requirement
Offered on request (as per desired specifications)
Top Side of Bag
Heat Cut – Plain, C Cut – Plain, D Cut – Plain, W Cut – Plain
Hemmed Edges
Bottom Side of Bag
Single Fold / Double Fold (25 mm. Max)
Single stitch / Double Stitch
UV stabilization
Offered on request (as per desired specifications)
Color & Printing
Up to 3 colors flexographic printing
We can match desired strength in warp & weft accordingly
As per your requirement.
As per your requirement.
Fabric Colour
White / Natural / Multi-Colour Design / With Strips of different colors / as per your requirement
As per your requirement.