FIBC / Jumbo Bags

Product Details

FIBC / Jumbo Bags

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) is also referred as Bulk bag, Jumbo bag or Super Sack, with a holding capacity from about half upto two tonnes. The FIBC/bulk bag gives a very important edge in the packaging industry, from storing, handing and packaging of dry bulk and liquid bulk goods.

The Bulk bags has proven to be one of the most cost effective and economical packing alternative, providing the customized design to the bags considering the type of material, its filling and discharge options suitable for the highly optimization of the material and its distribution systems.


  • Industrial grade clean production
  • Safe Working Load ( SWL) : 500 KG to 2500 KG
  • Safety Factory ( SF) : 5:1 ( Single trip), 6:1 ( Multi Trip) or as per customers requirement
  • Size, Color & Type of FIBCs : As per the customer requirement & purely customized.
  • Printing : Upto 6 Color Printing on each sides
  • Loops, Filling & Discharge options : As per customers requirement
  • Liner : PE Liner from 40 to 120 Micron Thickness
  • Packing : Packed on either Bale or Pallets

Different types of Jumbo Bags

  • Circular Type with Cross Corner / Corner Loops
  • Upanel / 4 Panel Bags
  • Baffle Bag
  • Conical Top / Bottom Bag
  • Tunnel Lift Bag
  • Single Loop Bag
  • Two Loop Bags
  • Antistatic Bag :- Type 'C' & 'D'
  • UN bags
  • Sift Proof bags

Unique Characteristics

  • Ideal, cost effective, economical and highly feasible source for packaging of free flowing material in the granular, power or crumble form.
  • Very easy to store and handle the FIBC with a standard equipment
  • Bulk bags when not in use could be easily folded and requires very less space in comparison to the storage of empty fibber drums and other containers used for packaging.
  • Bulk bags/FIBCs once packed and filled with material does not require any additional packaging.
  • FIBCs are packed flat and square in a bale for the delivery of FIBC bags to the end users for the its consumption
  • Depending upon the bulk capacity of the product and its application, the FIBCs/Bulk bag comes with the guarantee of the Safe Factor of 5:1 and 6:1 for the Dangerous goods.
  • It is an economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated and bulk products like sand, fertilizers or plastic granules.